Rebuilding Hope: Bhagat Singh’s Triumph over SCI

Life after spinal SCI is often never the same again. It’s a profound journey reshaped by resilience, adaptation, and perseverance.

In this blog we are going to see how the life of one of our Spinal Cord Injury warrior, Bhagat Singh turned upside down after the sudden shift from independence to potential dependence on caregivers or family members after he met with an accident on 31st Dec 2022. He rushed to the nearest hospital and there he got to know that he fractured his D-5 Vertebra (below chest down paralysis) and sustained a spinal cord injury.

Bhagat Singh at KSNR

Treatment Procedure Post SCI

After Bhagat Singh sustained Spinal cord Injury, he underwent surgery on 10th of January 2023 in Delhi. After that the doctors advised him to start his rehabilitation because SCI not only brings immobility, but also the patient is not able to urinate or pass the stool on his/her own and for all these things one need proper assistance and help and here comes the role of rehabilitation. It helps the SCI survivor to make their life better.

 But as many of us are unaware of what is SCI , how to deal with it and how to start processing life in a new way after SCI. Similarly, he was also clueless on where and how to start living normal life again so he decided to go back to his hometown and there he started his rehab at home at first and then after continuing there for few months he came back and started his physical therapy at one of a rehab Centre in Delhi from there he got to know about Kusum Spine and Neuro Rehab (KSNR) and decided to continue his therapy in KSNR.

In August 2023 he came to KNSR at that time he was completely dependent and on wheelchair but in a period of about 1-2 months only he started walking with the help of a walker and soon shifted to stick with AFO. Now he is completely independent in his daily living activities and stopped doing CIC because now he can void on his own.

He is improving day by day and KSNR is helping him in all possible ways. His journey from” disability to this ability” exemplifies the ability to rise above adversity, redefine limits, and embrace life’s intricacies with unwavering determination.

Rebuilding Hope: Bhagat Singh’s Triumph over SCI: Key Points

A bit of awareness on the part of an individual with SCI, families, and society can make a big difference in, not only the recovery process but the degree of recovery. But what matters most is timely intervention and rehab. management by the right professional.

The story of Bhagat Singh is a burning example of how timely intervention and proper rehabilitation at KSNR played the most crucial role in his recovery journey.

-By Dr. Virendra Vikram Singh (PT)