Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

KSNR helps people with pain resulting from neurologic degenerative disease or injuries. Our focus is on restoring function, improving quality of life and reducing dependence on medications, while enhancing psychological well-being and independence.

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain is in an extremely complex and poorly understood medical problem that can have profound effects on one’s physical and mental well being. Uncontrolled pain impacts all aspects of daily activities.

Because pain has a multi-faceted impact on individuals, KSNR believes it takes a comprehensive treatment plan to effectively and successfully manage pain. Our practice model is geared towards treating both the physical and emotional components of pain in order to restore and maintain function and improve quality of life. We use the latest imaging technology to establish a precise diagnosis, treating pain at its source and providing a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to ensure the best possible opportunity for long-term improvement.

Approach to Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

KSNR provides a multi-disciplinary approach to chronic pain treatment. Our dedicated team physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists work together in a supportive, compassionate environment. Our chronic pain management physicians evaluate, diagnosis and apply interventional treatment for chronic conditions, injuries and disorders.

Our providers utilize a three-step approach for the comprehensive management of pain and related conditions. This approach focuses on identifying the diagnosis, rehabilitation and advanced non-surgical interventions and/or medications. Comprehensive pain management lets us restore function, improve the quality of life, and reduce the dependence on medications for our patients.

We encourage patient involvement in the medical decision-making process and invite questions regarding treatment options. We work with patients to develop an integrated treatment plan. This plan is tailored specifically to the patient’s needs to restore, then maintain, function and ensure general well-being.

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