Director Message

Dr. Virendra Vikram Singh

It has been close to 15 years I am experiencing and working with spinal cord injury patients and teaching them how to adjust the living with a spinal cord injury was not only a huge challenge but also an overwhelming experience and everyday continues to be a life changing challenge to me.

Most of them has come a long way since we began our journey. And the cognitive therapy continues to grow and develop and we are so thankful for all the support and encouragement we have received from everyone till date.

It is known by clinical experiences that motivation enhances patients’ recovery from spinal cord injury. Depressive symptoms of the patients suffering from such injury could be a factor to delay functional recovery.

Indeed, a positive environment and strong support system from family and friends will play a big factor for patient’s recovery.

In KSNR (kusum spine and neuro rehabilitation) we are working on the same principle and trying to reach out to you all through this means and to help you in the same way, by making you independent upto some level.

Stay blessed and good luck to all the readers and non-readers may you do well and grow.

Love you all.